Assata an autobiography by assata shakur

November 1, Paperback: Amazon Book Description This black activist's memoir is like a freeze frame of the late s and early s. Though the polemical rhetoric is dated, the book is an otherwise compelling tale of the impact of white racism on a sensitive and powerful young black woman.

Assata an autobiography by assata shakur

Forty years ago seems like it was a long time ago. Shakur was then incarcerated in several prisons. Her life has been portrayed in literature, film and song.

Assata an autobiography by assata shakur

For a time, she ran away from home and lived with strangers until she was taken in by her aunt, Evelyn Williams, later her lawyer. They talked about intercommunalism but still really believed that the Civil War was fought to free the slaves.

A whole lot of them barely understood any kind of history, Black, African or otherwise.

Assata an autobiography by assata shakur

Shakur then allegedly displayed a revolver and a struggle ensued, during which she was shot. Shakur is alleged to have said that she was glad that she had been shot since now that she had experienced what it was like she was no longer afraid to be shot again.

Assata Shakur: From exile with love

Following an August 23,bank robbery in Queens, Shakur was sought for questioning, and a photograph of a woman who was later alleged to be Shakur with thick rimmed black glasses, a high hairdo pulled tightly over her head, and a steadily pointed gun became ubiquitous in banks and full page print ads paid for by the New York Clearing House Association.

Shakur was one of those wanted for questioning for wounding a police officer attempting to serve a traffic summons in Brooklyn on January 26, Shakur was alleged to have been directly involved with the Foster and Laurie murders, and involved with the Piagentini and Jones murders.

After her capture, however, Shakur was not charged with any of the crimes that had made her the subject of the manhunt. Recordings of Trooper Harper calling the dispatcher were played at the trials of both Acoli and Assata Shakur.

After reporting his plans to stop the vehicle which he had been following, Harper can later be heard to say: Zayd Shakur was driving the two-door vehicle, Assata Shakur was seated in the right front seat, and Acoli was in the right rear seat.

Trooper Harper asked the driver for identification, noticed a discrepancy, asked him to get out of the car, and questioned him at the rear of the vehicle. According to initial police statements, at this point one or more of the suspects began firing with semiautomatic handguns and Trooper Foerster fired four times before falling mortally wounded.

At this point, Assata Shakur and Acoli were ordered to put their hands on their laps and not to move; Harper said that Assata Shakur then reached down to the right of her right leg, pulled out a pistol, and shot him in the shoulder, after which he retreated to behind his vehicle.

Harper later retracted this version of events.

Assata: An Autobiography Summary & Study Guide

Questioned by prosecutor C. Harper testified that Acoli shot Foerster with a. The vehicle was chased by three patrol cars and the booths down the turnpike were alerted.

Assata Shakur testified that she was on her way to Baltimore for a job as a bar waitress.Mar 02,  · This book was an eye opener for me. I had no idea who Assata Shakur was before this book.

I have heard about Angela Davis and other members of the Black Panther Party as well as the parties contributions to the communities they organized.

But this was my first time hearing of her and I am so glad I read this book. Assata: An Autobiography (Assata Shakur) at On May 2, , Black Panther Assata Shakur (aka JoAnne Chesimard) lay in a hospital, close to death, handcuffed to her bed, while local, state, and federal police attempted to question her about the shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike that had claimed the life of a white state trooper.

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This book is an autobiography of Assata Shakur, a black revolutionary who is now living in Cuba where she has political asylum. The book tells the often shocking, yet inspiring, story of Assata's life up to her arrest and eventual escape to Cuba.

Assata Shakur is the FBI's most wanted woman. A former member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, in she escaped from prison, was granted asylum in Cuba, and has been a /5. Assata (Shakur), An Autobiography Digitalized by RevSocialist for SocialistStories.

Author: Revolution Created Date: 4/13/ AM.

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The Autobiography of Assata Shakur. Few women in our movement can personify the word “revolutionary” like Assata Shakur. Her courage in the face of America’s imperial might and her willingness to endure persecution for her values makes her a living legend in the Pan-African community.

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