Grant writing for small business

For many small businesses, cash flow is a bigger problem than ever. One way you can reduce this financial pressure is to apply for government grants. For most of us, the idea of applying for a grant is seems like a headache. But getting a grant may not be as hard as you think.

Grant writing for small business

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Small-business grant writing can be big business | ScienceWriters (

Grant funding is available for select small businesses. But don't fall for the scams. If you've seen the ads on the Internet promising gobs of free cash, let us set you straight. It is too good to be true.

But there are legitimate grants available for certain small businesses. Eligible companies are those involved in: If you are eligible for small business grants, Hired Gun Writing can help you find and win funding with strong, compelling, effective proposals.

Grant Services for Small Businesses. At Hired Gun Writing, we help eligible small businesses find and win grant funding. We work with you to develop your project or program and write powerful proposals.

We specialize in writing federal grant proposals for health and science research and handle complete submission via grants. Current grant options for small businesses include: Primarily for research and technology development.

We will do an extensive search of current grant funding opportunities to identify your top prospects. These are offered through a variety of federal agencies, including the National Institute of Health, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Education.

Project topics, funding amounts and deadlines vary by federal agency. We can guide you through the process from beginning to end, and make sure your application is complete, compelling, effective and error-free.

Local and State Government Grants: Some states provide grant funding for eligible small businesses. We identify open opportunities and develop complete grant proposals for local and state government grants.

Call or contact us today to request an estimate, or to learn more about our grant writing services for small businesses.The first step in the small business grant application process is to find one to apply for.

Grant writing for small business

This can be done quite simply using the Internet. There are many resources online that can point you to organizations offering grants for small business owners.

Small-business grant writing can be big business | ScienceWriters (

Grant Writing Services for Small Businesses. Small business grants. Government grants for businesses. SBIR/STTR grants. Proven grant success. Grant writing requires a special form of writing and must be geared to the style in which the grant documents are presented.

Grant writing for small business

Nonprofit organizations, agencies or foundations that provide grants to qualified small business owners also prepare an application package that lists what they're looking for in a grant proposal.

Our Small Business Grant Writing Guide From office rent to supplies and operation fees, a new business really is an investment.

However, not all first-time entrepreneurs have the money their business requires. Grant Writing Guidelines for Businesses Be sure to have a business plan ready to support the request for small business grant money.

Entrepreneurs can file a business grant application online or postal mail. The Houston Chronicle: How to Apply for Women and Minority Owned Business Grants.

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