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Our unique layout and design oozes warmth with a meshing of old world charm and new world ambience: Additionally all our beers are named after local myths and legends, evoking emotions of all things Killarney. Our Brewhouse was manufactured by BrauKon, an iconic name in the production of micro-brewing equipment.

Mountain man brewing company bring the

A session IPA, lighter bodied, with bready malt notes and a juicy, tropical hop aroma. This beer pairs well with grilled meats, sharp cheeses, and koozies.

Schilling Beer Company

Story Behind the Label: While on the Moon, Shepard used a Wilson six-iron head attached to a lunar sample scoop handle to drive golf balls. Despite thick gloves and a stiff spacesuit, which forced him to swing the club with one hand, Shepard struck two golf balls; driving the second, as he jokingly put it, "miles and miles and miles".

Read More Damn Sure Brewed with malted oats, unmalted wheat, our house English Pale malt, and enough American Hops to make you stand and say the pledge of allegiance. Brewed with malted oats, unmalted wheat, our house English Pale malt, and enough American Hops to make you stand and say the pledge of allegiance.

Mountain man brewing company bring the

We got that new goodness: New Hampshire beer is officially on the map. New Hampshirites are a different breed. We take pride in voting first, our state motto, not wearing helmets, and shooting off fireworks legally.

Sure, we may not have the warmest climate or the biggest coastline, but we do have some great brews. Continue to check back with us for more releases throughout the year!


Citra, Vic Secret, Galaxy Malt: Pale, Oats Tasting Notes: Apricot, Peach, Tangerine Batch 3.Mountain man brewing company: Bringing the Brand to Light 1. MOUNTAIN MAN BREWING COMPANY (MMBC) A BRIEF HBS CASE STUDY 2.

Schilling Beer Co. is the embodiment of a dream that four brothers and a father conceived over a decade ago—an aspiration to spend their days together pursuing family, community and excellence through crafting the finest artisanal European-inspired beers.

The Tasting Room

We are a group of volunteers that love New Hampshire and everything beer. Please help spread the good word and donate to a good cause. Case Study: The Mountain Man Brewing Company Your challenge: Can you help Chris Prangel with his decision? Using the data provided in the case only, compile a written report that make a clear single recommendation to Chris, make sure to give your full reasons for this advice.

26 craft beers on tap - stouts, lagers, porters, wheats, ciders, and more. Plus growler fills, bring yours or get one of ours! New taps daily. Flying Mouse 1.

With its sunny color and aroma of coriander, the Flying Mouse One is the perfect companion for any adventure. This lively ale pours with a hazy effervescence from the wheat-packed recipe and serves up a fantastic combination of low hop bitterness and smooth, light flavor.