Muhammad the prophet of islam

Beliefs and practices[ change change source ] Men praying in a mosque. They believe it holds the revealed word of Allah Main article: Five Pillars of Islam According to Islamic tradition, there are five basic things that Muslims should do. They are called "The Five Pillars of Islam":

Muhammad the prophet of islam

During his lifetime, Muhammad is not known to have murdered anyone. Neither did Prophet Muhammad give any order to kill Jews.

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The story, though not proven to be authentic by some scholars, tells us that Jews were given the sentence of death for their treason according to the Jewish Law by the arbiter who was chosen by the said Jews themselves.

Prophet Muhammad had no say in this matter, and gave no such order. Prophet Muhammad forbade lying and treachery, and instead commanded Muslims to adhere to truth even if condemned themselves. Islam offers no refuge to those who lie, and instead holds truth as an uncompromising virtue.

Muhammad lived 23 years after his claim to prophethood. He lived in Mecca for the first 13 years of his prophecy and bore severe persecution along with his followers but did not take the law in his own hands. After migration to Medina, he was attacked and forced to defend himself against annihilation.

All his wars were defensive. He neither used sword to convert anyone to Islam himself nor did his followers.

Prophet Muhammad taught death for apostasy and blasphemy Did Prophet Muhammad teach death for apostasy and blasphemy? All through his life, Muhammad taught and practiced complete freedom of religion. Prophet Muhammad forbade offensive attacks of all forms.

He only permitted fighting in self-defense, and specifically forbade attacking innocent trade caravans. Muhammad initially permitted idol worship Did Prophet Muhammad initially permit idol worship? New-age critics of Islam incessantly repeat these allegations despite clear evidence to the contrary.

The allegation that Prophet Muhammad initially permitted idolatry is one such example. Muhammad demanded slaughter of the pluralistic Meccans Did Muhammad demand slaughter of the Pluralistic Meccans? Prophet Muhammad was anything but a persecutor.

Rather, he was a model of compassion on such a profound level that even his most hardened enemies could not help but swear by God that he was not a violent man.

Prophet Muhammad relentlessly strove for peace while Meccans attempted to thwart every such effort.

Muhammad the prophet of islam

Prophet Muhammad did not migrate due to a lack of protection from other men. His migration, in fact, was based upon Divine guidance to escape assassination. Had Prophet Muhammad engaged in any unbecoming behavior, no shortage of critics existed during his lifetime.

This incident illustrates that people were not terrorized into accepting Islam by Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad set rules of engagement for his people and demanded strict compliance whether enemy observed any rules or not.

At a time in Arabia when POWs were either put to death or enslaved, the captives at Badr were allowed to purchase their freedom. Education was their ransom. No example in history can even compare to this high standard Prophet Muhammad demanded of the Muslims.

Islam does not allow any worldly punishment, let alone death, for apostasy. Muhammad broke a truce to mercilessly conquer Mecca Did Muhammad break a truce to mercilessly conquer Mecca? The truce was broken by a partner of the Meccans. Meccans knew in advance of the pending Muslim advance but did not come out to fight.Anne, Guru Ghumari, Ali, Ahmad, and you!Smile; Send your picture we put it if you like, or comment or ask any question: info[at] A s Skippy said: What I really loved your contemporary English state of the art works which sufficed me.

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If you regularly visit this site and wish to show your appreciation, or if you wish to see further development of, please donate online. By studying the life of the Prophet we can derive those important principles which were followed by the Prophet. In short, the Prophet of Islam was a positive thinker in the full sense of the word.

All his activities were result-oriented. He completely refrained from all such steps as may prove counter-productive.

Muhammad the prophet of islam

Myth. Myth #2: Prophet Muhammad permitted Muslims to lie (Taqiyya) to spread Islam. Did Prophet Muhammad teach Muslims to lie to spread Islam?

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