Pitru devo bhava essay in telugu

Guru is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such a Guru. Guru can guide us to the supreme knowledge of THAT which pervades all the living and non-living beings in the entire Universe namely Brahman.

Pitru devo bhava essay in telugu

Equipped with holistic knowledge and blessings from the guru, a graduate or vidya-snataka one who is bathed in learning would be ready for the next stage of life — usually teaching and of course, marriage.

The temple universities of India Photo courtesy Kanniks Kannikeswaran An interesting aspect about ancient Indian temples is that often, they became centres of knowledge dissemination and debating.

There was a continuity of learning with conferences and assemblies of learned scholars that have been mentioned in the Rig Veda itself, for disseminating the philosophies that form the core of Vedic literature. Well-endowed temples became magnets attracting students and teachers, which led to annexes being built for the temples and even entire colonies housing intellectuals from a variety of disciplines.

Multiple inscriptions on several temples of southern India reveal the extent to which higher education had got institutionalised. Ennayiram is one such location in Tamil Nadu, which abounds in inscriptions giving minute details related to the subjects taught, number of students, endowments and so on.

For example, an inscription from the time of Rajendra Chola I 11th century lays out the endowments given for the boarding and tuition of students studying at a Vedic college.

The college received 45 velis acres of land. Meanwhile, a teacher was noted to receive a meal allowance equivalent to that of 16 students per day. Inarchaeologists found more lines of inscriptions in the basement of a temple in Ennayiram Subramanian, Clearly, there is a lot more waiting to be unearthed.

A temple inscription in Ennayiram, Tamil Nadu describing a college attached to a temple along with a hostel and hospital. Tamil Nadu Tourism http: Some inscriptions describe colleges with attached hospitals and hostels.

One hospital is described to have 15 beds, a physician, a surgeon, two errand boys and two nurses. It was even equipped with a pharmacy with medicines such as Haritaki, Bilvadighrita, Vajra-kalpa and Kalyanalavana.

Mookerjee, Ancient academies of excellence Apart from temples, there was the ghatika, the agrahara and the mathha.

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Ghatikas were groups of learned acharyas, which carried out deep discussions on Vedic matters. Ghatikas are said to have played a key part in making Kanchipuram also called Kanchi a hub of Vedic studies.

They even played a pivotal role in the selection of kings. As we have seen earlier, some of the brightest went on to teach in famed universities in other parts of India. Agraharas were entire settlements of learned Brahmins with their own rules of governance and were funded by generous donors usually non-Brahmins.

Agraharas were entire settlements of learned Brahmins. The learned Brahmins, who often held titles such as Chaturvedin, Trivedin, Somayajin, Shadangavid, Bhatta, Kramavid, Sarvakratuyajin and Vajapeyin, which denoted their specialisation in different texts.

Mookerjee puts it eloquently when he says: Concentrated in a geographical area around Thrissur in Kerala, a rich tradition of mathematics developed and flourished amongst the Namboodri Brahmins. They discovered the infinite series, which laid the foundation for calculus centuries before Newton.

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The brilliant scholars of Kerala were believed to be mainly motivated by the mysteries of astronomy. However, George Gheverghese Joseph, in his famous book The Crest of the Peacock — The non-European Roots of Mathematics argues that these mathematicians seem to have revelled in their love for pure mathematics."Mathru Devo Bhava In Telugu" Essays and Research Papers Mathru Devo Bhava In Telugu In our Hindu culture from childhood we are taught to respect and obey parents.

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Pitru devo bhava essay in telugu

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