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Worlds top luxury brands by brand value in Premium Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data partially from exclusive partnerships. A paid subscription is required for full access. Brand value of the leading 10 most valuable luxury brands worldwide in in million U. In that year, Burberry was the seventh ranked most valuable luxury brand worldwide with a brand value of about 4.

Swot cartier luxury brand

Normally, the entry-level of the product in this industry would start from, which is relatively higher value than other products.

In other words, high value products will normally lead to high profit margin. Accordingly, the profit of selling out one jewelry or watch would be huge. Wide product lines to consumers There are numerous kinds of products and brand in this industry.

Even one brand would have different level of products with different Swot cartier luxury brand of price.

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In this way, the brands can keep its reputation and also to meet different needs of the customers. In addition, the characteristics would vary from products. For example, watches can be sporty luxury or casual luxury or even business luxury.

Clients with different needs, e. Weakness Complicated production procedure of high standard goods It is easily to figure out that the procedure of dealing with jewelries and making watches is complicated and difficult. For example, the mechanic watchmaking requires a watchmaker with sufficient experience, normally decade years, in this industry.

In this case, the quality of the watches can be guaranteed. In addition, the jewelry is not easy to deal with as well. For instance, the famous Hearts and Arrows diamonds are unmatched in precision, beauty and perfection in cutting. Volume of the products can not increase dramatically As the whole industry is covered with luxury goods, the levels of clients are not common people in fact, i.

In this case, the certain group of people have limited purchasing power even rich people like billionaires or millionaires. Though the product line has been expanded, the whole volume of the products cannot be guaranteed to achieve a certain high level as the number of certain groups of people is relatively stable and they do not have unlimited purchasing power or desire.

Luxury goods are not necessary goods in daily life Luxury goods are extremely special unlike normal goods such as consuming goods. Luxury goods are not necessary goods in daily life. People who prefer to buy luxury goods have spare money and have achieved a relatively high-class in the society.

Accordingly, they regard high jewelry and watches as an identity for themselves to differentiate from normal ones. Opportunities More recognition of luxury goods Today, more and more people have knowledge of luxury goods especially in jewelry and watches.

In addition, a Rolex watch would give men more charm for instance. A well-known brand would give a man not only the precious product itself but also a special and unique identity and good reputation as well. Threats The reduction of purchasing power The reduction of purchasing power results from two reasons.

One is due to the financial crisis happened in and The wealth of beyond mid-class people has decreased so that they would prefer not to buy the luxury goods when they have a shrink in their wealth. Second, the number of beyond mid-class people is relatively certain and unstable.

The number of mid-class people are stabilized by their unstable work and salaries. In this case, the purchasing power is limited.

Among several brands for example, Cartier may lead the 1st class of high jewelry sector and Tiffany may represent the entry-level of high jewelry sector.

Swot cartier luxury brand

On the other hand, Rolex may represent the 2nd group of high standard watches.Chanelʼs Brand Strategies Analysis Report | By Teo Jia En November 4, Executive Summary As global economy is recovering, the number of wealthy Asians willing to spend on luxury goods is. Brand identity is „what the brand says‟ to consumers (Chevalier and Mazzalovo, ).

Among the many tangible and intangible characteristics of luxury brands identity (Figure 2) durability and differentiation are essential (ibid.). Figure 2. Luxury brand identity prism Source: Kapferer and Bastien, Figure 3.

First of all, the SWOT pulls apart the positive sides of your brand and the negatives one. Positive sides are either the strengths of your brand and the opportunities that the brand can take advantage of while the negativities involve the weakness and threats under, which suffers the brand a lot.

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Swot Analysis Louis Vuitton Essay Sample. Strengths: Louis Vuitton’s quality reputation: they qualify themselves as a traditional brand(long history) and as the largest producer of Luxury Goods. they tend more recently to become creative. SWOT Analysis Strengths 2 / 4.

Cartier 1. The brand has an image as a luxury brand and popular global premium product 2. Known predominantly as a jeweller, Cartier has an excellent reputation for beautiful and unique watches 3. High brand loyalty in the premium segment 4. Good advertising and brand presence through print ads and TVCs.

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