The most common injuries in a hockey game

This was no labor of the prurient or ghastly on our part, but rather a testament to the courage and guts elite hockey players regularly display, and the inherent dangers they face on every shift. Mark Howe suffered one of the worst injuries in hockey history on December 27,

The most common injuries in a hockey game

It's not like footballwhere players collide at full speed in the middle of the field, or hockeywhere players swing sticks at the puck and sometimes at each other.

And it's nowhere near as dangerous as boxing, where the object is to punch somebody else in the face before they can punch you. Compared to these sports, baseball seems about as dangerous stamp collecting. But you can get seriously hurt playing baseball. And most of the time it's yourself you hurt, not somebody else.

With all those fast moves and straining muscles, eventually a ligament or a tendon can get torn or a muscle can get pulled. This may not sound like much compared to getting punched in the face, but when it happens it hurts and can keep a player out of the game for days or weeks at a time.

And sometimes even worse things can happen. Just about any damage that can take place to the human body can happen in baseball, from broken bones to ruptured kidneys, but the most common injuries occur over time and are often the result of repetitive stress.

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Just as typists know that spending too many hours drumming fingers on a keyboard can cause numbness in the wrist called carpal tunnel syndromebaseball pitchers know that pitching enough fastballs can cause serious problems in the shoulder.

And runners who turn too quickly can do serious damage to their knees. Let's look at some of the most common injuries that occur in both professional and amateur baseball.Injuries were more common in games versus practices ( game injuries vs. practice injuries). Most Common Injuries (percentages are the respective portion of all injuries .

The most common causes of a fractured coccyx in sport is by landing hard on one's bottom, or by blunt force, say after being tackled from behind.

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Cyclists and rowers are also at . The Riskiest Sports for Head Injuries. and sensitivity to light and sound are some of the more common ones. Properly sized and properly worn equipment is key in hockey, and the most. Game injuries resulting from a batted ball accounted for 10% of all game injuries with third baseman and middle infielders accounting for more than 42% of batted ball injuries.

Pitchers were the third most injured from batted balls at %.

Injury rates

The most common injuries involve sprains and strains, repetitive motion injuries such as stress fractures (girls are eight times more likely to suffer knee injuries than boys), and heat-related illnesses. Keep up to date on MLB injuries with's injury report.

Olympic injuries: Which are most common? - CNN Or sort through a full list of our hockey training programs here.
Dealing With Sports Injuries While injuries in young athletes are similar to the ones that affect adults, they can't always be treated in the same way because their bodies are not fully developed. Take for example knee injury.
WHAT ARE THE RISK FACTORS FOR HOCKEY INJURIES? Herniated Discs Paralysis Mild injuries like pulled back muscles or herniated discs require that players rest and avoid playing for days, if not weeks. Once people understand the physical risks of this sport, they can take the appropriate steps to prevent being injured. Sports Fantasy Hockey. See All Sports Games.

The most common injuries in a hockey game


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